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Driveway in the Fall
The Paso Robles area of California has a rich agricultural  history
dating back to the Mission Padres.  It has been well-known for it's
crop and livestock production since that time.   The same climate and
natural beauty of the area has drawn many people to find homes in
an environment that is as kind to the residents, as it is to agricultural
production.  Grapes have been a crop in the area for many years, but
the quality of the wine from these grapes has now been discovered
by people from all over the world.  Cattle, horses, grain farming, and
other crops still play an important part in the local economy and add
a special "country flavor" to the area.
The by-product of continued agricultural production is the
preservation of open space.  And the amount of water used is much
less than using the whole area for residential purposes.  This is very
important to the natives and newcomers alike, since this means that
the area will remain as it is, "Just a dang good place to live".
(Joe's place,  East of Templeton)
Window View in the Fall
One of the things people notice is the friendliness of the local
people.  If someone waves at you, don't be afraid to wave back.
It's okay to do that here.
And if a farmer pulls his equipment or his truck over to let
you pass, give him a wave of thanks.  He will appreciate it,
After all, it's just good manners to show appreciation for a
Sunset at El Pomar (Joe's Place)
Picture taken at El Pomar
(Joe's place.)
If the weather gets too warm, it's only a short drive to
the coast where you can relax in a cool ocean breeze.
Red Sunset
Morro Rock at Morro Bay
If you decide to visit, or maybe even live here, please let us continue to
manage the area our way.  We have done pretty well at preserving what
we have here, and we really don't want a lot of input about new rules
and regulations from people who believe they know more than we do
just because they come from an area that has already been spoiled.
So enjoy the area, and please remember that we value our way of
life, and you can help us to preserve it by learning why we do things
the way we do, rather than quoting some subjective study that
someone, somewhere, may have done.
After all, we have been living with the land, the people, and the
flora and fauna of the area, for several generations, so our
cumulative experience goes back a long way.
We have seen the successes, and the failures, and we have learned
that it takes a lot more than good intentions, a formal study, a
textbook, and a master plan, to maintain an environment that is good
for the land as well as for the people.
This is a beautiful country, and the people are the caretakers.  
Please treat them with equal respect and consideration.
Our Backyard Waterfall
... Lest it bring ruin upon our lands."
If you have any questions about the area, or about how we might be able to
provide a service to your property, just contact us.  If we don't know the
answers to your questions, we will tell you so, and can probably direct you
to someone who does know.   We have been here a long time and know a
lot of people and businesses in the area.
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On the Saturday closest to October 12th,  Paso Robles
has a Pioneer Day Celebration.  There is a free "Bean Feed"
in the park, and a parade where you can see a lot of old time
equipment and horse drawn entries...  Quite a Show!!!
This is a Video of  a  Steam Tracklayer that was put together
Ted Hunter who is a native of the Hames Valley area
North of Paso Robles

So just be patient and remember...
The old Vaqueros used to say:

"There is a lot of time in California"
"Let the Hand of Man Create
The people here really love a good barbecue,
and we think we have more barbecues per square mile
than anyplace in the world.

Here are some really great pictures of the area
taken and arranged by

Bruce Brake
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