Grandpa and little
some years ago.
Joe and Kids
Pam and My Kids
About Us
A little family history:
The tall guy on the right is Joe's Father "Jack" Botts
John Franklin Botts and Family - Early 1900s
John had originally intended  to come out with a cavalry unit  that was forming up in
Terra Haute, Indiana.  He had read the recruitment ad, and knew that he could
"muster out" when his term was up on the West Coast (Hopefully California), so it
seemed like a good way to make the trip.  His plans changed when he arrived ready
to enlist, and found that they had "closed ranks" the day before, and he was left to
find his way west on his own.   By doing a few odd jobs and adding the earnings to
his savings, he was able to buy a ticket on the transcontinental railroad, and made
the trip to Sacramento in twelve days.
Some time after he arrived in California, he was told that the outfit he had
intended to join had met with more than their share of trouble.
It was
this outfit... The Seventh Cavalry...  General Custer's Unit!
One Hundred and Thirty Years Later...
The third and forth Botts generation in the area.
Joe in the middle with Kids: Jody, Audrey, Marcie, Steve
One thing that has never changed, is our commitment to do a good job at a fair price. We
still believe that hard work and honesty are the only real path to self-respect.
John Botts always said that good planning, and good honest hard work,
would make the world a better place, and we think he was right.
"A Better Tomorrow"
The Twins, "Cole" and "Carly" Cargill overlooking Joe's Place
This is a picture of Joe on his second
birthday with what we believe to be his first
piece of equipment.  (Toy Truck)    The picture
on the right is an illustration of the Cat he
drove when he was eight years old.    
Some Guys Never Change!
Thanks to our Servicemen
Grandson Jim Miller - Jaxen's Dad
And Thank You President Bush
At least you tried.
Thank you  for having  the initial courage to protect  us in the face of strong opposition.
So far we have lost fewer lives in Afghanistan and Iraq than we lost in
previous butchery by terrorists
before the war.  
Botts Land Service
In 1876 John Franklin Botts got off the stage in Paso Robles,
California near the present site of the Paso Robles Inn with only fifty
cents in his pocket.  There was a place at the stage-stop  where they
were selling food and he was hungry,  but knowing that if he spent
the last of his money, he would have nothing to live on,  he made a
decision to buy an axe at a little trading post instead.

He had noticed that the stagecoach had a little trouble getting
around a large tree in the road, so he asked the man in charge of the
stage depot if he would like it cut down so there was more room to
turn around.  The man told him he would give him a dollar if he would
cut it down, clean it up, and remove the stump.

He began to cut off the limbs and make them into stove wood.   When
he had a nice bunch all cut and stacked, he went to the cook shack
and asked if he could trade the stack of stove wood for a meal.  The
man not only agreed, but offered to buy more when it was cut.

Soon John was working for the local landowners helping them clear
and cultivate their land.  This was the start of a tradition of "working
with the earth" that has continued in the Botts Family to this day.
He is still at it!
We know the war is not popular, and it SHOULD NOT  BE.  Wars are
never popular, especially after losses are suffered.  
We don't want war, no
reasonable person does
... But we don't want our people slaughtered by
fanatical murderers either!   Unfortunately there always seems to be
someone who wants to kill those with religious beliefs that differ from their
own.  Throughout history, ALL major religions have been guilty of this.  In
every case, it has always taken armed conflict to deter religious fanatics
once they have become organized.  Since they believe themselves to be
right, any disagreement is taken as a slam against their God and their belief
system.  Since religious beliefs are based on belief and faith,  rather than
fact and logic, negotiation is usually impossible.  War is a poor choice...  
But it is sometimes the only choice.
We are, of course disappointed with the way the war has gone
in Iraq.  And it grieves us to hear of the loss of our brave young
people.  But we do believe that the enemy would have continued
to attack us here in the homeland.  And one thing is for sure:
None of the enemy combatants we have killed in Iraq will ever
be a threat to us again.  I know that sounds cold,
and that's exactly what it is:
And here comes the next (sixth) generation!
This is my Great Grandson, Jaxen Miller.   For some reason,
he seems to have a natural liking for construction equipment.

He is the son of Jim and Jenny Miller, and the
Great, Great, Great Grandson of
John Franklin Botts.
The fact that we have not been hit
HERE again speaks for itself.
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These are OUR Kids.  Back Row Left:  Ronnell, Shelly, Joe Jr., Steve, Marcie,
and  Audrey.   Joe and Pam are in the front, and there wasn't room for the
fifteen grand-kids and  three Great Grand-kids to get in the picture.
One Hundred and thirty-two years later:
Pam and My Combined Family