Federal and State laws are becoming much stricter on dirtmoving.  
Any soil that is disturbed during construction is subject to measures to
control water runoff and erosion.  Violators can face heavy fines!

Due to the problem of finding anyone to do hydroseeding or
strawblowing, we have invested in equipment to do, not only our own
jobs, but to do outside work as well.

Lawn seeding with complete, amendments, binders, and wood mulch,
(Called Hydromulching) can be done for much less than the cost of sod,
and can produce a first mowing in six weeks under favorable conditions.

We have purchased over 10,000 lbs. of materials in order to get bulk
prices to keep our costs down to our customers.  Even so, we only
recommend Hydromulching for lawns over 1000 square feet.

The hydroseeder can also seed grass, flowers, or other forms of
vegetation, as well as apply binders, fertilizers and tackifiers to hold soil
in place.   We are planting test sites with wildflower mixtures at this time
to demonstrate what we can do with Hydromulching.  Since we have a
smaller, (650 gallon) machine with a large engine, we can get into
areas that many machines could not handle.  Since we have our own
2000 gallon water truck to supply extra loads if needed, we think we
have the ideal combination for most jobs.

This picture shows material being loaded into the machine.
The tank truck is pumping water into the mixer.
Hydroseeding and Strawblowing

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The picture below is a close-up of an area that  has just been seeded with a
wildflower mixture.

The green material is the mulch, and the seed, fertilizer, binder, and soil
amendments are all included in  the mixture.

The mulch not only acts as a soil stabilizer to prevent  erosion,
it also  protects
the seedlings while helping to hold moisture.   It will eventually break down
into an organic fertilizer.
These pictures were taken while hydromulching
20,000 square feet of lawn for Carriage Vineyards.
John Plaskett and Steve Botts applied seed, mulch,
binder, and fertilizer on the 20,000 square feet in just
one day.
It's hard work,
but you can see by the smiles,
John and Steve take pride
in doing a good job.
With good care and weather conditions, most lawns will
be mowable in as little as six weeks, at a savings of
about eighty percent over the cost of sod.  On larger
lawns, this can amount to a lot of money saved!
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The next two pictures were taken
two weeks after seeding:
It's hard to believe that this was bare ground two weeks ago.
It will need to be mowed in four more weeks!
This is a  picture of the turf we planted at Carriage
Vineyards ten weeks ago.  Larry Smyth says the only
problem is in trying to keep it mowed down!
The strawblower is mostly for soil stabilization,and erosion control and is an
even more economical alternative to hydomulching.  We only recommend
strawblowing for larger areas due to the size of the equipment.  Our
strawblower is powered by a 56 horsepower diesel engine and can shoot
straw over 75 feet under favorable conditions.

Blowing straw rather than spreading it by hand results in a far more uniform
coverage, and can result in a savings of over 85% in material costs.  This is
particularly important when doing large areas with rice straw, which is what
we like to use because of it's durability.
This is a picture of our strawblower.  Like a lot of our equipment, it can
be pulled by our tractors and bulldozers which allows us to work in rough
and steep terrain under adverse conditions.
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