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Botts Land Service
Since 1876
Working WITH the Earth
One Vineyard coming up
This Machine has worked on over100 Vineyards.
Our company offers a wide variety of services. If the job calls for working
with soil, rock, sand, gravel, or vegetation, the chances are that we can do it,
and do it well.  Please review our list of services below and contact us with
any questions.
Soil Stabilization
Straw Blowing
Land Clearing
Road Construction
Pads for Buildings
Ponds and Lakes
Wildlife Habitat
Dust Control
Erosion Control
Vineyard Work
We also do disking and cultivation for weed control, or to prepare ground for
planting.  If you have a smaller parcel, we can use smaller tractors and
tractor-mounted implements.
When comparing hourly rates, make sure that you are comparing comparable
equipment.  We have D8 Cats that weigh from 52,000 to 96,000 lbs.  Here are two
Cat D4s that illustrate the vast difference in tractor weight and horsepower.
D4D and Disk
The one on the left weighs 11,000 lbs.- The other one 20,000+ lbs.
We have specialized equipment for handling specific needs.  The sheepsfoot compactor shown below, is
working on a keyway that had to be dug and filled at a 95% compaction rate to stabilize a hillside.  By using
this type of compactor, we were able to mix the native soil and compact it.  This saved our customer over
$10,000.00 in material costs.
Here, John Plaskett (Jeff's brother) is opening up a
building site for Pat Mandrille near Templeton.
Keying in the bottom of a fill
This is an excavator with a "thumb" attachment for moving rocks, poles, or
whatever needs moving or placing. We also have six  frontloaders of various sizes
and capacities for moving or loading rock, sand, or gravel.
This is a 6000 lb. John Deere 250 skidsteer loader.  We have a number of
attachments, including a forklift, which makes it a very versatile machine that can
work in close quarters.
Handling Poles
We have our own trucks, so with the exception of our largest equipment, we can do
our own hauling and transport which results in considerable savings to our customers.
We have lifted small tractors with the boom when necessary.
JD110 Skip and Drag With 4 in 1 Bucket
We have large, medium,, and small backhoes to fit the job.
Loading a Cat D6C on a lowbed trailer
Excavation for building
We have our own shop where we do maintenance and repairs as well as
fabrication of special equipment.  This helps to keep our costs down and
results in savings to us, as well as to our customers.
Dual Purpose 2000 Gallon Water Tanker Conversion
At work
The Machines are a TD7 and a D31
JB and John Plaskett doing a little "yard work".
Digging a channel for a creek
Our spread of equipment is designed to be as versatile as possible,  so we can handle
many different types of jobs.
This is a Caterpillar D4 that was bought new by the Botts Family in 1947.
I grew up driving this Cat, so it is a keepsake now and sits at the
entrance to our equipment yard..
It is still in running condition, and I start it up occasionally.
"Cat D8" for Heavy Work.
This is a picture of a pond we made for a horse ranch on Almond Drive.
Boom-truck Unloading a Large Water Tank
Smaller dozer for terracing and ripping to 36"
We have a five foot root-rake grapple that goes on
this machine for handling brush, trees, and rubble.
Pamela Falls
The Result of the above "Yard Work"
Steve Botts spreading fill
Comparison - Two Caterpillar D4s
Our "Roll-Back" Transport at work.
4430 Rancho Rd., Templeton, CA 93465
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We also have a  JD332 High Track for bigger and heavier work.



But due to the difficulty in
maintaining proper
insurance coverage
for ourselves,
some of our services
have been temporarily
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Due to the high cost of belonging to the
Better Business Bureau , we have cancelled our
membership.  The Cost for membership is now $430.00  
per year, and expenses like this have to be passed on to
our customers. We will gladly provide references as well
as estimates,
free of charge.    
We buy and sell used equipment, so many of the
machines you will see on this site are for sale.  
So if you would like to buy something, or would
like to sell a used machine, contact us for more